How to choose the best development technology for your project

We figured out what website development technologies exist, and now let’s talk about which technology to choose for your project.

Factors to consider when choosing a site development technology:

  • Scale and type of project
  • Project complexity
  • Desired development speed

Often, by the type and scale of the project, you can immediately tell which technology is suitable – a ready-made solution, or development on a framework.

By complexity, the project can be divided into conditional 3 groups:

  • Simple (business cards, landing pages, simple applications) — such projects are easy and convenient to implement on SaaS platforms or CMS. There are a huge number of restrictions here, it is difficult and inefficient to go beyond the boundaries of the box. such technologies make simple sites with traffic up to a million users per month.
  • Medium (complex online stores and marketplaces, large-scale portals, various services, advanced applications) – such solutions are more voluminous and more difficult to implement and are usually made on the framework. framework, projects of medium complexity are made with millions of visitors.
  • Complex (huge portals, social networks, innovative and non-standard solutions) – the core of such projects is usually developed in a pure (native) programming language, since a pure language allows you to make almost any application, limited only by the capabilities of the programming language itself. All the largest sites in the world with hundreds of millions and billions of users, such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, LinkedIn and others, are made in pure language.
  • Projects can also be divided by topic: marketplaces, online stores, social networks, bulletin boards, information sites, etc. For many topics, boxed solutions have already been developed, and if you are not trying to do something unique or large-scale, you can implement the project on them.

Another important criterion when choosing a technology is the speed of development. PHP, Python and Ruby will be among the fastest in development speed, and Java will be the slowest. Probably for this reason, over the past decade there have been almost no new mega-projects in Java, but a lot of projects in Python and PHP have appeared.

When choosing a technology for your project, you need to look ahead. Especially if we are talking about a large-scale project. Technology is evolving rapidly and new versions are released every year; framework change every 2-3 years, and CMS – every 1-2. It is important to anticipate the development of technology in order to be in trend in a few years. Otherwise, you may need to rewrite the project.

How much does it cost to create a website and what does the development budget depend on
Below we have given the factors that affect the cost of development.


1.1. The unique design allows you to style the site taking into account all the features of the business. This solution makes it possible to reflect the uniqueness of the brand. But this design can come at a cost.

When choosing a unique design, you need to find a UI / UX designer (eng. User Interface / User Experience, i.e. a design that puts usability at the forefront).

The cost of design is affected by the complexity of the project. How many pages of the site are being developed, the presence or absence of animation, complex forms and elements, and other factors. As a rule, the work of a designer takes from 80 to 400 hours of time, and the cost of website design in Ukraine varies from 1,500 to 10,000 dollars, depending on the project and the qualifications of the specialist.

1.2. A template is a ready-made website solution with a ready-made set of standard pages. Choosing a template design, you will only need to choose color combinations, fonts and icons in accordance with the style of the company. This choice is more accessible and faster, but limited within the template. Suitable if you need a simple and quick solution to present your business online.

Additional functionality of the site.

The key factor that directly affects the cost of development is the complexity of the functionality.

For example:

  • whether the site will be monolingual or multilingual;
  • whether there will be integrations with external services (CRM, 1C, payment
  • systems, courier delivery services, etc.);
  • the complexity of the functionality of the user’s personal account;
  • the presence or absence of work on internal SEO optimization at the development stage;
  • setting up and integrating accounting systems, parsers for unloading goods

Expenditure for project maintenance.

3.1. Hosting cost

Hosting is an online service that allows you to host and store your website on a server. The cost of hosting at the beginning of 2021 is from $20 per year.

3.2. Domain cost

A domain is the online address of your website. The price tag for a domain name starts from $5 per year and will depend on the prestige of the domain zone (, .com, .ru, and others).


Summing up, we can say that you choose a site for the purposes of your business.
If you are a small local company, you do not have logistics, sales departments and you do not seek to expand your business at the regional level in the next 5 years, then you will not

You definitely need a unique design and complex functionality inside the site. In this case, your site will have enough basic pages like “Home”, “Services”, “Products” and “Contacts”. You can make a website on boxed CMS or website builders, and this will be enough to present the company on the Internet and debug the first online sales. But be prepared for the fact that you will not have the opportunity to significantly change your site, there will only be a template from which you cannot move away.
If you have plans to expand and develop, you understand that the functionality of the site should be able to be improved, think over your personal user account, the ability to send goods to other cities, online payment on the site, promo and promotion, then it will be more productive to immediately take into account these goals when designing the architecture of a future project, and it is better to develop a site on a framework (Laravel, Yii or Synthesis), because you get a flexible and sustainable solution with many possibilities. Which in turn costs more, but creates a strong foundation for the future growth of your company and the development of online sales.