Website development innovations in 2022

Website development is a field in which innovations appear constantly. But they are being introduced gradually, so it is rarely necessary to talk about a revolution. Most of the time it’s a gradual development. In this article, we will look at the most trending trends in website development in 2022. According to analysts, the previous two years, like the new year, have presented a lot of interesting things. At the same time, already established trends have taken root, but new directions have emerged that can be considered innovative.


Language is the basis for creating web resources. There are several popular ones, but studies of specialized companies Github and PYPL-index indicate that Javascript remains the most common and in demand. However, Python goes hand in hand. Despite certain points (the difficulty of learning, the difficulties of creating mobile applications), more and more programmers prefer Python due to its:

  • productivity;
  • great opportunities.

Remains in the leading positions and PHP. Specialists who know him remain in demand all over the world. Although increasingly there are negative reviews about this language.


Website development is directly related to libraries, frameworks. There is no need to talk about special innovations here yet. Let’s highlight the most established areas, processing environments.


Rightly recognized as the best environment for developing sites in Javascript at the moment. For some time, the tool competed with Angular, but was able to bypass it in many ways, including:

  • set of possibilities;
  • high stability;
  • ease of integration with other libraries.


When innovation is mentioned, they are talking about the Vue.js framework. She appeared back in 2014, but only now has gained recognition and popularity. Although there are still quite a few programmers who do not trust the environment. Vue.js is used by giants such as Xiaomi and Alibaba.


Website innovation and development – related to the Svelte environment. So far, it is not very common, but programmers are eager to get to know it, to learn all the possibilities. As various analytical studies confirm, Svelte may take a leading position in the near future.


When it comes to back-end website development, Laravel should be mentioned. The technology is not new, but it is popular. We are not talking about innovation, but it is not going to lose its leading position.


A well-known environment for developing websites. The update is designed to revive the demand for the environment. There is also an opposite opinion – the library, even after updates, is not able to compete with React.js and Vue.js, which have firmly taken the leading positions.


When the question of innovation in the field of website development is raised, one cannot ignore the formation of a team of specialists. We will not claim that the trends described below are revolutionary, but in 2021 they will intensify.


Technologies intersect more and more actively. Companies are interested in employees who are able to solve various problems and tasks. Specialists of a narrow profile are not so in demand, even if they have a high level of qualification. The trend of the labor market is programmers who are able to work with different directions.


Despite the constant and gradual development of the industry, innovations sometimes appear so quickly that even talented, successful professionals do not have time to keep track of all the changes. When it comes to launching a new project, a qualified team of employees is indispensable. When selecting staff, you should focus on specialists who can work in a team!


Artificial intelligence is an innovation that penetrates all areas. According to Gartner profile research, the revenue of the direction already in 2019 exceeded a trillion dollars – by 70% compared to 2018. The numbers indicate that AI will be actively developing in the next few years, influencing the development of websites. AI allows you to solve various problems, which has a positive impact on the overall level of customer service. Help AI for website developers. Now programmers are busy training neural networks to use certain tools to solve simple problems. This will significantly reduce the time of creating sites.

The introduction of artificial intelligence will fully automate web resources. The quality of customer service will improve.


They are one of the “products” of artificial intelligence. The development has a lot of advantages, it will be actively used on new sites and implemented in existing resources. Although it is worth recognizing that some sites use stupid bots that are not able to answer primitive questions. There are many more positive examples.

For example, a large clothing store Zaful has a really high-quality bot – it is well versed in many issues directly related to the purchase of goods. Responds to user questions almost instantly. Why will chatbots be more in demand than a traditional helpdesk? Because the average person needs about ten seconds to understand the essence of the question and give an answer to it. Bots respond much faster. Chatbots will contribute to the growth of sales volume – they work without a break, weekends and even at night, they do not get tired.


It is also far from being an innovation, but website development will more actively “collide” with the trend. This is due to the high level of blockchain security. Given the increasing number of transactions on the Internet, the development of online commerce, the importance of the security of payments and personal data will only increase. The unique blockchain mechanism prevents any unauthorized access to databases. The essence of blockchain is decentralization. When one computer is hacked, the others on the network will restore data and protection. To gain access to all information – you need to hack into all computers. This requires a lot of resources, the use of which will not justify the results obtained.

Blockchain in the development of websites and other Internet technologies can be used to:

  • data storage;
  • organization of deliveries;
  • resource administration;

Many large companies and even state authorities are switching to technology.


They have been used for a relatively long time, but underestimated. Therefore, their use in the future can even be considered an innovation. Good, well-thought-out extensions in the vast majority of cases behave inconspicuously and are activated only when necessary. The user will not receive constant notifications that distract from work. However, he can always use the tool to solve certain problems. As an example, let’s highlight two extensions from Chrome:

recent history – its essence is to optimize the search for sites previously viewed by the user;
nimbus capture is a tool for capturing website screenshots and instant editing.
Despite the low demand for extensions, in 2022 they will be implemented more and more actively.