1 April f 06

Since Xbox Live does not currently support clans, other than changing ones gamer tag to match this is little to make a group a team. We hope that some day changes, but in the mean time we the Blue Army decided to place this site on the internet so everyone can come and witness out greatness.

Vain? Maybe. Cocky, Perhaps. Will we beat you every time? Definatly. To day since March 20th 2006 we have never lost a single match on Xbox Live. Think your up to the challenge? Drop one of us a game invite and see.

Why, "The Blue Army"? Well have you ever noticed how when you play multiplayer games you are either the red or blue team? Well for whatever reason it seemed as though we were always the blue team when playing. Then one day while trying to figure out a name for ourselves in a laim atempt to be funny someone suggested, "The Blue Army" and needless to say it stuck.